Please review the details below. Contact us if you have any additional questions.

Please click on the flyer above if you're interested in competing in-person.

Please click on the flyer above if you're interested in competing virtually.

Who can participate?

This competition is for any female-identifying or non-binary student under the age of 18. You do not need to live in Indiana to participate in this competition. The competition is aimed towards students in grades 5-12 but younger students can participate as well!

What is the difficulty level of this competition?

The problems in the middle school division can be expected to be around the same difficulty as the AMC 8 and MATHCOUNTS State/Chapter competitions.

The problems in the high school division can be expected to be around the same difficulty as the AMC 10 and early AIME problems.

What is the difference between virtual and in-person?

The virtual and in-person contests will be held on the same day with the same problems. It is up to the competitors to choose where they would like to compete, but they can only choose one of the locations (virtual or in-person). The scores from both testing pools will be combined, and the top scorers will be awarded prizes.

In-person participants will be given free swag, complimentary food, and will also have the chance to win exculsive in-person cash prizes if they score within the top 5 in their division. If you live in Indiana or can make it to our in-person contest, we would highly recommend for you to come!

What is the format of this competition?

There will be an individual round, buzzer/Kahoot round, and team round.

How will this competition work?

We will be hosting both an in-person and online contest on the same day. The results from both competitions will be combined, and the following individuals will win prizes:

  • Top 3 individual middle school competitors

  • Top 3 individual high school competitors

  • Top 3 middle school teams

  • Top 3 high school teams

  • Top 5 in-person middle school competitors

  • Top 5 in-person high school competitors

  • 5 raffle winners

  • 1 year of Taskade Unlimited for all competitors & 5 years for all winners mentioned above.

Individuals are only eligible to compete in one of the two competitions, as the problems will be the same.

Where will this competition be held?

The in-person competition will be held at Sycamore School on Saturday, October 29 from 10:30 AM to 4:45 PM EST.

The online competition will be held through Zoom on the same day from 12 PM to 4:45 PM EST. Information such as the Zoom link, addresses, lunch choices, and more will be sent through email before the contest.

What will I need for this competition?

Online competitors will need an electronic device with a webcam, scratch paper, and a pencil or pen. Webcams are expected to be turned on at all times. Calculators are not allowed. In-person competitors are expected to bring a writing utensil. Scratch paper and other items will be provided when necessary.

How will I find a team?

We will randomly put competitors into teams of 3 and 4. You will not need to worry about finding teammates or partners.

Do I need to be good at STEM to compete?

No! We will have problems for math lovers of all kinds

I still have a question. What do I do?

Visit our FAQ or contact us!