What is Indianapolis INTEGIRLS?

Indianapolis INTEGIRLS is a chapter of INTEGIRLS, a globally recognized 501c3 NPO dedicated to bridging the gender gap in STEM through competitive problem solving. 

Can I be a part of INTEGIRLS if I'm not a non-binary or woman-identifying student? 

INTEGIRLS competitions are for woman-identifying and non-binary students only. If you do not meet these requirements and still want to help INTEGIRLS, please contact us, and we’ll email you with the different ways you can support our cause! 

Can I be in INTEGIRLS if I have little to no STEM experience?

We encourage all woman-identifying and non-binary students to participate in our INTEGIRLS competitions regardless of their STEM experience. Officers and staff are expected to have STEM or volunteering experience. 

How many INTEGIRLS competitions are there?

Indianapolis INTEGIRLS hosts two bi-annual math competitions in the spring and fall. Details regarding registration are available here. Indianapolis INTEGIRLS also hosts its own guest speaker seminars, mini competitions, and more. Sign up for our mailing list for the latest updates.

How can I contact Indianapolis INTEGIRLS?

You can find all of our contact information at indyintegirls.carrd.co.

How can I help INTEGIRLS?


If you are interested in learning about additional volunteering opportunities, please email us at indy@integirls.org. Volunteers can receive volunteer hours. 


To learn more about partnering with Indianapolis INTEGIRLS, please visit our partners and sponsorships page.

*You do not need to be a non-binary or woman-identifying person to volunteer or sponsor Indianapolis INTEGIRLS. All help is greatly appreciated! 

Can I compete in Indianapolis INTEGIRLS competitions if I don't live in Indiana? 

Yes, all woman-identifying students that fall under our age requirements can compete in our virtual competitions! Travel costs for in-person competitions will not be covered by INTEGIRLS. If you live near an INTEGIRLS chapter, please consider participating through them instead. 

I still have a question. What do I do?

Visit our FAQ or contact us!